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zendesk intercom integration

After switching to Intercom, you can start training Custom Answers for Fin AI Agent right away by importing your historic data from Zendesk. Fin AI Agent will use your history to recognize and suggest common questions to create answers for. Once connected, you can add Zendesk Support to your inbox, and start creating Zendesk tickets from Intercom conversations. View your users’ Zendesk tickets in Intercom and create new ones directly from conversations. Unito supports more fields — like assignees, comments, custom fields, attachments and subtasks. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. You can also map fields and build flexible rules to perfectly suit your use case.

Operation is executed in a cloud automatically on schedule or manually at any time. Get a free 15-minute consultation with our Automation experts. We can discuss Pricing, Integrations or try the app live on your own documents. Leverage decision engines to efficiently flag, review, and validate files, streamlining your workflow. Automated tool to search and assign groups in Zendesk support. Automatically locates or generates a new Zendesk support organization.

zendesk intercom integration

With Skyvia you can integrate Intercom with Zendesk in a number of ways. If you need to load data in one direction, from Intercom to Zendesk or vice versa, you can use Skyvia import. For loading data in both directions, Skyvia offers powerful data synchronization. With Skyvia you can easily perform bi-directional data synchronization between Intercom and Zendesk. When performing the  synchronization periodically, Skyvia does not load all the data each time.

This allows importing data without creating duplicates for existing target records. Intercom integration transforms customer support with efficient, automated workflows and personalized interactions. Streamline your customer service workflow by automating repetitive tasks between Zendesk and Intercom with our intelligent workflow automation solutions.

Add Intercom Tag to Submit New Zendesk Ticket

You can contact our Support team if you have any questions or need us to import older data. If you’re not ready to make the full switch to Intercom just yet, you can integrate Intercom with your Zendesk account. This will provide live data on who your users are and what they do in your app. And you can turn any Intercom conversation into a Zendesk ticket. With simple setup, and handy importers you’ll be up and running in no time, ready to unlock the Support Funnel and deliver fast and personal customer support.

In a nutshell, none of the customer support software companies provide decent assistance for users. If you thought Zendesk prices were confusing, let me introduce you to the Intercom charges. It’s virtually impossible to predict what you’ll pay for Intercom at the end of the day.

They both offer some state-of-the-art core functionality and numerous unusual features. Whether you’ve just started searching for a customer support tool or have been using one for a while, chances are you know about Zendesk and Intercom. The former is one of the oldest and most reliable solutions on the market, while the latter sets the bar high in terms of innovative and out-of-the-box features. Intercom is a complete customer communications platform with bots, apps, product tours, etc.

However, the Zendesk support itself leaves much to be desired. If you create a new chat with the team, land on a page with no widget, and go back to the browser for some reason, your chat will go puff. Basically, if you have a complicated support process, go with Zendesk, an excellent Intercom alternative, for its help desk functionality.

But this solution is great because it’s an all-in-one tool with a modern live chat widget, allowing you to easily improve your customer experiences. At the same time, Zendesk looks slightly outdated and can’t offer some features. Zendesk, unlike Intercom, is a more affordable and predictable customer service platform. Also, it’s the pioneer in the support and communication tools market. You can always count on it if you need a reliable customer support platform to process tickets, support users, and get advanced reporting. Founded in 2007, Zendesk started as a ticketing tool for customer success teams.

When you migrate your articles from Zendesk, we’ll retain your organizational structure for you. We’ll even flag any content you need to review and give you advice on how to fix it. You can migrate your help content from Zendesk in just one click. Just visit Articles in Intercom, click Get started with articles and then Migrate from Zendesk.

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AI-Powered Multilingual Support: The Lingpad Approach to Global CX Excellence.

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This article explains how concepts from Zendesk work in Intercom, how you can easily get started with imports, and what to set up first. It’s easy to connect Intercom + Zendesk without coding knowledge. To get data in and out of Zendesk Chat, you will need to use one of our universal connectivity options such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder. You can use lookup mapping to map target columns to values, gotten from other target objects depending on source data. When integrating data with different structure Skyvia is able to preserve source data relations in target.

So when it comes to chatting features, the choice is not really Intercom vs Zendesk. The latter offers a chat widget that is simple, outdated, and limited in customization options, while the former puts all of its resources into its messenger. Help Desk Migration also supports migrations to Intercom tickets. This means you can use the Help Desk Migration product to import data from a variety of source tools (e.g. Zendesk, ZOHOdesk, Freshdesk, SFDC etc) to Intercom tickets. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can identify and resolve common issues with the Intercom and Zendesk integration on Appy Pie Connect powered by AI . If you’re still experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team for further assistance.

We’re constantly working to improve our integrations and provide the best possible experience for our users. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Skyvia offers a number of benefits for import Intercom data to Zendesk or vice versa. With Skyvia import you can use data filtering, perform data transformations, and many more. Besides, Skyvia supports the UPSERT operation — inserting new records and updating records already existing in the target.

Create or update Intercom leads when new Zendesk users are added

By leveraging the power of AI in Appy Pie Connect, you can optimize your workflow, reduce errors, and increase efficiency even further. Sign up for Appy Pie Connect today and start exploring the possibilities of app integration. The Tray Platform enables better cross-team collaboration, easier sharing of data in real time, and transparency across the client lifecycle. Skyvia’s import can load only new and modified records from Intercom to Zendesk and vice versa. Find out how easy it is to connect tools with Unito at our next demo webinar.

They charge for customer service representative seats and people reached, don’t reveal their prices, and offer tons of custom add-ons at additional cost. The Intercom versus Zendesk conundrum is probably the greatest problem in the customer service software world. Both are equally feature-rich, powerful, and well-established.

When you switch from Zendesk, you can also create dynamic macros to speed up your response time to common queries, like feature requests and bug reports. If you’ve already set up macros in Zendesk just copy and paste them over. Before you start, you’ll need to retrieve your Zendesk credentials and create a Zendesk API key. You can do this by going to your settings within Zendesk (click on the cog on the left hand side), and navigating to API in the ‘Channels’ section. You can view the integration operation results for each execution in the Run History.

A trigger is an event that starts a workflow, and an action is an event a Zap performs. Conversations allow you to chat to your customers in a personal way. Use them to quickly resolve customer question on, for example, how to use your product. You can then create linked tickets for any bug reports or issues that require further troubleshooting by technical teams. As a Zendesk user, you’re familiar with tickets – you’ll be able to continue using these in Intercom. These are just a few examples of the positive feedback we’ve received from our users.

With Zapier, you can integrate everything from basic data entry to end-to-end processes. Here are some of the business-critical workflows that people automate with Zapier. You can collect ticket data from customers when they fill out the ticket, update them manually as you handle the conversation. When integrating data, you can fill some Intercom fields that don’t have corresponding Zendesk fields (or vice versa) with constant values. Skyvia offers powerful visual editors which allow precise mapping configuration to quickly configure your data migration or synchronization between Intercom and Zendesk.

  • And they’re all two-way by default, meaning information can flow back and forth in real-time.
  • This guide will show you how to connect Intercom and Zendesk to Unito to build your first flow with automated 2-way updates.
  • Intercom integration transforms customer support with efficient, automated workflows and personalized interactions.
  • Its competitor can be more flexible and predictable in this area.
  • Intercom feels more wholesome and is more client-success-oriented, but it can be too costly for smaller companies.

Moreover, Appy Pie Connect offers a range of pre-built integrations and automation workflows for Intercom and Zendesk, which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our workflow automation detects and merges duplicate Intercom tickets in Zendesk, streamlining support and enhancing customer service efficiency. N8n lets you integrate Intercom with Zendesk to build powerful workflows.

Zapier Automation Platform

The price levels can even be much higher if we’re talking of a larger company. Just like Zendesk, Intercom also offers its Operator bot, which will automatically suggest relevant articles to clients right in a chat widget. All customer questions, be it via phone, chat, email, social media, or any other channel, are landing in one dashboard, where your agents can solve them quickly and efficiently. It guarantees continuous omnichannel support that meets customer expectations.

Use 1000+ workflow templates available from our core team and our community. So you see, it’s okay to feel dizzy when comparing Zendesk vs Intercom platforms. Check out our App Store for over 100 other ways to connect Intercom to your existing tech stack.

Unito supports dozens of integrations, with more being added monthly. And they’re all two-way by default, meaning information can flow back and forth in real-time. Connect your apps, databases and documents to create unified workflows that automate manual tasks. Intercom helps you support your customers with chat, support and management tools. It is used by over 25k companies as it helps them convert more leads, and achieve the best service for their customers. What can be really inconvenient about Zendesk is how their tools integrate with each other when you need to use them simultaneously.

zendesk intercom integration

It was later that they started adding all kinds of other features, like live chat for customer conversations. They bought out the Zopim live chat solution and integrated it with their toolset. Appy Pie Connect offers a powerful integration platform that enables you to connect different apps and automate your workflow. One of the most popular integrations on the platform is between Intercom and Zendesk.

Get accurate info in the right place, at the right time, save hours on busywork, and align your team — giving them the freedom to focus and achieve more than ever. When a conversation is found in Intercom, create a ticket in Zendesk and keep both in sync. Utilize Nanonets’ advanced AI engine to extract data accurately, without relying on predefined templates. Modify existing Zendesk user information or details programmatically. Automatically appends tags to a specified Zendesk support ticket. Automatically triggers workflow when new Zendesk ticket created.

Design automation that extracts, transforms and loads data between your apps and services. You can choose from thousands of ready-made apps or use our universal HTTP connector to sync apps not yet in our library. Intercom live chat is modern, smooth, and has many advanced features that other chat tools don’t.

Unito lets you turn Intercom conversations into Zendesk tickets and vice-versa with automated, 2-way updates. Use natural language to create and run workflows that interact with all your apps and data. Integrate Zendesk to automate support workflows, enhance customer interactions, and boost satisfaction.

The Help Center software by Intercom is also a very efficient tool. You can publish your self-service resources, divide them by categories, and integrate them with your messenger to accelerate the whole chat experience. Zendesk also has an Answer Bot, which instantly takes your knowledge base game to the next level. It can automatically suggest relevant articles for agents during business hours to share with clients, reducing your support agents’ workload. You can create dozens of articles in a simple, intuitive WYSIWYG text editor, divide them by categories and sections, and customize with your custom themes.

zendesk intercom integration

Free trials include unlimited changes, active flows, connected tools, custom fields, and more. Build and use custom LLMs to write texts, post responses and execute RAG workflows within apps. In this paragraph, let’s explain Chat PG some common issues that users usually ask about when choosing between Zendesk and Intercom platforms. If you’d want to test Intercom vs Zendesk before deciding on a tool for good, they both provide free trials for 14 days.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large enterprise, integrating Intercom with Zendesk can bring a host of benefits. With the help of AI, Appy Pie Connect can automatically map the data fields between the two apps, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors. Zendesk is a cloud customer support ticketing system with customer satisfaction prediction. Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback. The two essential things that Zendesk lacks in comparison to Intercom are in-app messages and email marketing tools. On the other hand, Intercom lacks many ticketing functionality that can be essential for big companies with a huge client support load.

Yes, you can integrate the Intercom solution into your Zendesk account. It will allow you to leverage some Intercom capabilities while keeping your account at the time-tested platform. Say what you will, but Intercom’s design and overall user experience leave all its competitors far behind. You can see their attention to detail — from tools to the website. And there’s still no way to know how much you’ll pay for them since the prices are only revealed after you go through a few sale demos with the Intercom team.

IFTTT is a good option for simple one-step integrations and has a mobile app interface. Workato and offer more advanced features for complex integrations, with flexible pricing plans based on usage and features. Ultimately, the best integration tool for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Integrating Intercom with Zendesk can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. By connecting these two apps using Appy Pie Connect, powered by AI, you can automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual effort, and achieve better collaboration between teams.


By integrating these two apps, you can streamline your workflow and automate repetitive tasks. At the same time, the vendor offers powerful reporting capabilities to help you grow and improve your business. The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations. This gives your team the context they need to provide fast and excellent support. Overall, Appy Pie Connect powered by AI offers a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans, with a wide range of app integrations and multi-step integrations.

It tracks changes in the synchronized data sources and performs only necessary data changes. It offers powerful mapping features, allowing you to sync data with different structure. Our workflow automation ensures prompt, accurate replies, elevating satisfaction via Intercom and Zendesk integration. Automate customer data synchronization between Intercom and Zendesk, ensuring accurate profiles and personalized support with our AI-driven workflow automation.

Add comments to Zendesk tickets when new tags are added to Intercom users

The cheapest plan for small businesses – Essential – costs $39 monthly per seat. Advanced plan is rather a team plan that costs $99/mo per seat. For each additional seat, you would have to pay another $99/mo. But that’s not it, if you want to resolve customer common questions with the help of the vendor’s new tool – Fin bot, you will have to pay $0.99 per resolution per month. The Zendesk chat tool has most of the necessary features like shortcuts (saved responses), automated triggers, and live chat analytics. You can enable some forms for collecting user info on the go.

zendesk intercom integration

If you’re a sales-oriented corporation, use Intercom for its automation options. Both tools can be quite heavy on your budget since they mainly target big enterprises and don’t offer their full toolset at an affordable price. With Zapier’s 6,000 integrations, you can unify your tools within a connected system to improve your team’s efficiency and deepen their impact. Zapier lets you build automated workflows between two or more apps—no code necessary. Yes, you can localize the Messenger to work with multiple languages, resolve conversations automatically in multiple languages and support multiple languages in your Help Center.

Automated workflow action upon new ticket in Zendesk support. Automatically triggers when new organization added to Zendesk support. To sum up this Intercom vs Zendesk battle, the latter is a great support-oriented tool that will be a good choice for big teams with various departments.

This guide will show you how to connect Intercom and Zendesk to Unito to build your first flow with automated 2-way updates. Locate support issues using Zendesk’s ticket search functionality. Update existing customer profiles in Zendesk with the latest information provided by Nanonets AI. In terms of pricing, Intercom is considered one of the most expensive tools on the market. Its competitor can be more flexible and predictable in this area. At the same time, they both provide great and easy user onboarding.

With Appy Pie Connect, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest. Try it out today and experience the benefits of seamless app integration. On the contrary, Intercom is far less predictable when it comes to pricing and can cost hundreds/thousands of dollars per month.

So yeah, all the features talk actually brings us to the most sacred question — the question of pricing. You’d probably want to know how much it costs to get each of the platforms for your business, so let’s talk money now. Yes, you can support multiple brands or businesses from a single Help Desk, while ensuring the Messenger is a perfect match for each of your different domains. Yes, you can install the Messenger on your iOS or Android app so customers can get in touch from your mobile app. Check out this tutorial to import ticket types and tickets data into your Intercom workspace.

It’s highly customizable, too, so you can adjust it according to your website or product’s style. Intercom was built as a business messenger in the first place. Now, their use cases comprise support, engagement, and conversion. Their chat widget looks and works great, and they invest a lot of effort to make it a modern, convenient customer communication tool. On the other hand, it provides call center functionalities, unlike Intercom. Zapier helps you create workflows that connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks.

Nothing fancy, it covers just basic customer communication needs. Why don’t you try something equally powerful yet more affordable, like HelpCrunch? Integrating different apps can help businesses streamline their workflow and improve productivity. Using Appy Pie Connect, you can easily integrate Intercom with Zendesk and experience a range of benefits. Intercom is a customer communication platform built for business, used by many businesses from small start-ups to global enterprises. It enables targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by e-mail.

Skyvia’s import supports all DML operations, including UPDATE and DELETE. This allows using import to perform mass update operations or mass deleting data, matching some condition. Skyvia offers you a convenient and easy way to connect Intercom and Zendesk with no coding.

But keep in mind that Zendesk is viewed more as a support and ticketing solution, while Intercom is CRM functionality-oriented. Which means it’s rather a customer relationship management platform than anything else. But it’s designed so well that zendesk intercom integration you really enjoy staying in their inbox and communicating with clients. We will start syncing the last 24 hours of data from your Intercom account. This may take some time depending on the options you selected and your conversation volume.

Integrating Intercom and Zendesk using Appy Pie Connect is a smart choice for any business looking to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. With Appy Pie Connect, an AI-driven integration platform, you can easily connect your favorite apps and automate your workflows in just a few clicks. The advanced features offered by Appy Pie Connect, including real-time data syncing and custom field mapping, make it stand out from other integration tools.

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